My new life in the south

        After spending a good portion of our lives in New York City, my husband and I decided to start a different kind but also an awesome kind of life here in the south, Myrtle Beach, SC. It's been a little more than a year since we moved and we are loving everything, from our house to people, nature, and life style.

         From the apartment by the Midtown Tunnel in Manhattan to the house by the lake here, we see and hear the different shots and moments of life. We have real neighbors we can talk to for the first time. We get adorable little creatures visiting  our backyard. Our pets enjoy the space chasing around each other and enjoy the outdoor in the screened porch.  And I found out that I love gardening.


         I've always been longing to have my own shop I can build from scratch. But it  seemed rather a vague dream when we were living in the most expensive city in the world. I didn't exactly plan to open a shop when we moved here, but within a year I came across an opportunity.

         So I got all painting tools from Home Depot and painted my dream on the walls of this small corner store. I made a trip to the NYC trade show as a buyer for the first time last fall. Orders I made in the trade show started shipped in and I started selling them.

         Half a year passed since opening, I've been well adjusted in this cozy neighborhood. I started running ads in the local paper and hired a neighbor kid to hand out flyers during holidays. I do things what local brick and mortar shop owners would do. And I'm surrounded by sweet neighbors who offer to help in many ways.

          Now I'm launching my online shop. I'd like to open the door of this neighborhood shop wider and invite more people and share the things I personally handpicked. While I'll be working hard on selling products, I'll also take time sharing stories with them. This will help me fulfill my dream in my new life in the south.

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